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No matter how you measure it, be it:

  • more profitability
  • more cash
  • shorter lead times
  • less inventory
  • greater capacity
  • projects delivered on time to budget and spec
  • less stress for everyone and
  • more time for yourself is only 3 months away from when you decide to implement the breakthrough philosophy of the Theory of Constraints in your business.

And you can get all the above and more. And what’s more it’s GUARANTEED.

As one of the most experienced teams of Theory of Constraints (TOC) practitioners in Australia we know what it takes to get significant breakthrough results for business in 3 months or less and build a platform for continuous improvement.

With our support your team will quickly learn where to focus and how to leverage your new system to maximise profits generating the following typical results:
  • Increase Throughput between 20% - 80%
  • Reduce Process Lead Time between 35% - 65%
  • Reduce Inventory between 30% - 50%
  • Improve Due Date Performance between 95% - 100%
  • Expose Hidden Capacity between 20% - 30%+
  • Reduce Cash to Cash Cycle times
  • Reduce Operating Expenses by up to 10%
  • And in the end transform Chaos to Calm
As dramatic as the results sound they are real and achievable. They have been proven in independent studies and have been achieved consistently in businesses around the world and here in Australia and New Zealand.
The systems we help you design and install are:
  • highly visual (no new software required)
  • use your existing resources (no new investment or expenses)
  • are easy to understand and
  • will be run willingly by your own people.
To design and install a customised solution takes only a few days and involves only a few key people.

Learn how TOC can make this possible:

  • Manufacturing and Service Operations
  • Projects

  • We guarantee you will get these results if you follow some simple rules and we back up this with our support till you do.

    Below is a small selection of results TOC3 practitioners have helped achieve for companies in Australia and New Zealand. 

    In the following results note the scale of performance transformation before and after TOC. In the majority these and many other companies have achieved significant improvement within a matter of days or weeks. Full results are generally accomplished in under 90 days and if not we supported the client until they were.

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    Imagine your business getting the same results as above

    Having acquired an idea of the potential scale and speed of improvement it's now your turn. Imagine having results like the following:-
    • Immediate improvement in your profitability & customer satisfaction.
    • Lead times cut by 50%, Capacity increased by 30%, On time delivery performance better than 98%, less expediting and running costs cut by 10%
    • Significant increase in cash flow with reductions in inventory levels up to 50%
    • Big lift in staff morale and productivity and less stress for everyone.
    • Value of your company increases

    "Holy ****! I knew TOC is fast but I didn't think it was this fast. This is simply amazing." Grant Johnston CEO, Best Bar Reinforcements, commenting on the dramatic reduction of Work in Progress in the factory within days of implementation.


    Do these results and reactions appeal to you but you are not sure how to kick start your business performance improvement?

    We at TOC3 will help eliminate the guesswork.

    With our help you can join the many 1,000's of companies worldwide who have implemented the Theory of Constraints and genuinely seen their businesses take flight. 

    When you think about it, your organisation can only ever be as strong as its weakest link.  

    We help you to focus and leverage this weakest link to increase the flow of your outputs so you can make more money now and into the future. This happens systematically with minimum cost, minimum fuss and minimum stress.  

    Contact Us now if you want to cut to the chase and find out how to make these results possible for your business with with no obligation.

    Leverage your Lean initiaitives with Theory of Constraints

    Electrolux Case Study - Implementing TOC with Lean and Six Sigma already embedded

    The following client has achieved substantial results with TOC after Lean and some Six Sigma practices where already embedded in the organisation.  Download PDF version here

    What is the Theory of Constraints?

     “It is common sense that flies in the face of common practice” Dr. Eli Goldratt.

    The Theory of Constraints (TOC) first introduced in 1984 by Dr Eli Goldratt through his best selling business novel The Goal is a proven business systems methodology delivering guaranteed breakthrough results every time because it is based in the logical, simple to understand principles of the pure sciences.



     Grant Johnston: Managing Director “That’s ******* amazing” Commenting on 75% reduction of WIP in under 3 weeks.

    Brad Johnston: Operations Director “I’m very pleased with that” (known for his understatements) when seeing throughput increase by ~20% within 5 days of a 3 day solution implementation.

    Jessie: Afternoon Shift Foreman, "Wow I like this system. My people on my shift no longer have to come to me to find out what to do next, the buffer boards show them”. Jessie: also said “Loading trucks and meeting delivery is now just so easy”

    Rick: Day Shift Truck Loader was ecstatic “I can load 4 trucks now in the same time as 1 before that's incredible”

    Dragi; Production Manager,“We were averaging 74 tonnes per day now that has jumped to 87 tonnes per day consistent”. (+18%)

    Terry, Finance Director: “We have to wait a while before we can say we are making more throughput (a known conservative) but I can say we are making the same as before but so much more easily”.

    Gigangit, Production Manager: “We got enough space now to play cricket"

    REAL RESULTS - Fast, Safe and Sustainable

    Since the early 1990’s companies around the world including Australia and New Zealand have been achieving rapid and sustainable breakthrough results using nothing more than existing resources and without any additional expenses or investment. Even during highly uncertain economic times the large majority of these companies are flourishing.

    Below is a summary of the typical results achieved with Theory of Constraints.
    mabin summary results

    Full article 

    Think about it. If you were to get these kinds of results for your business would that provide you with a very distinct and decisive competitive edge?

    In these uncertain economic times it is the one wearing the “sports shoes” that outruns the opposition who will survive and prosper: 

    • Increase market share and grow volume by offering consistently fast and reliable performance.
    • Race ahead of the competition by collapsing lead times by up to 70% and shipping orders complete and on time. 
    • Increase output between 20% and 70% with existing resources, stress free, without compromise to quality or safety. 
    • Position yourself to take advantage of a market upturn and outlast your competition during a downturn.
    • Free up cash by reducing inventory by up to 50% and reducing your cash to cash cycle time.

    Remember getting these results requires a change in the rules. Your TOC solution does this for your business, your competition are still operating under the old rules and therefore will struggle to match whatever you do.

    These kinds of results DO place your company at a significant advantage over your competition. 

    These are the typical results our clients enjoy. In nearly all cases significant results occurred within 90 days. In most cases clients get a major win within the first 2 or 3 weeks during and immediately following implementation. For example, lead times cut in half together with massive reductions in work in progress.

    Additional side benefits:

    • Gain reductions in operating expenses (e.g. overtime, outsourcing)
    • Experience much less expediting and cause for worry, stress and chaos
    • Watch quality improve (one home building client recently received national awards, another cut warranty claims by nearly 50%).
    • Watch sales lift by between 5% and 10% just through improved delivery performance and reliability.
    • Leverage Lean and Six Sigma initiatives so that effort is focused where it counts
    • Gain more space and avoid unnecessary capital expenditure (don’t build that new warehouse or plant just yet!)
    • Multiply the value of the business today should you wish to sell in the future

    The Icing on the Cake!

    For owners and managers one of the biggest wins is that you are able to focus on the things that matter to you to meet personal and business goals.

    Another big win is that unlike other approaches to business improvement, maintaining the TOC solution does not take a lot of staff or management time. Much rather this way than having an expensive wheelbarrow that management have to keep on pushing. 

    Gain a sense of freedom knowing that the installed solution virtually runs itself because your own people designed it (under our expert guidance) and run it for you.

    When you achieve this level of systematic running consistently day after day you are at the controls to lift the business to new altitudes of performance. 

    Just watch your business take flight.







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    Download PDF version here...
    No matter how you measure it, be it:more profitabilitymore cashshorter lead timesless inventorygreater capacityprojects delivered on time to budget an...
     Grant Johnston: Managing Director “That’s ******* amazing” Commenting on 75% reduction of WIP in under 3 weeks.Brad Johnston: Operations Direc...
    Below is a small selection of results TOC3 practitioners have helped achieve for companies in Australia and New Zealand. In the following re...
    REAL RESULTS - Fast, Safe and SustainableSince the early 1990’s companies around the world including Australia and New Zealand have been ac...

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